FARs for what a physician must examine


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Hi. Can anyone tell me where on the FAA website I can find the exact criteria for passing the first class medical? I have been looking at their website and can find the info on how long a medical is valid (FAR 61.23), but not specifically what the doctor must check. I know this has been discussed on here but I need the exact text of the regulations. Thanks!
Hey there. The medical standards are FAR Part 67. I think the first class medical stuff starts at Part 67b.

Thanks for the link! I got my medical today. I had trouble recognizing one of the six hidden colored numbers in a circle and the doctor asked me a couple times to really try to get it but I couldn't. He asked me the color of some other objects in the room and then passed me on it. I asked him afterwards if that's something that would cause me problems in the future and he said no. I hope he's right! Everything else I passed with flying colors - hee hee, get it? (ahem...) Does anyone have any experience with minor color recognition difficulties?