Falcon Aviation Academy vs ATP???


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That's really a tough question to answer.

Where do you see yourself in 6 months, a year, and 5 years?

Evaluate the industry RIGHT NOW. Realize that ATP's 90 day programs are pretty much a waste of time considering not too many people are hiring 190-250 hour wonder kids.

A place like Falcon, or Falcon themselves, will provide you a much more stable environment to grow as a professional (CFI'ing), than ATP will - since it appears the general mindset there at ATP is to get in, get out, where as at Falcon it's improve and perfect your instructing abilities and provide our customers with a great product (just like what you will have receieved as a student).


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Yes of course. I absoulutly see what your saying. My intent with ATP with to work as a CFI while I build my hours. Because, yes, I need to have flight hours and experience before I start putting peoples lifes in my hands. I understand this 100 percent.

Now, I do see what your saying about Falcon. Falcon is actully my first choice.

Do you know about their internship program where you earn your licenses then work as a CFI for a commitment of one year? Or does anyone know about this program?

I would like to know if its a good way to go?


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I would highly suggest it. Considering the price for the program (if I recall, 35k range), it gives you the chance to get some quality training - and then to work for a great company.

A company that offers some of the best benefits I had ever seen out of any flight school. Considering the one year commitment, I don't even give it much attention considering the way the industry is presently and where it could be in a year (much worse than it is now).

I think it's a damn great thing, but I haven't had any first hand experience with it since I left Falcon shortly before they put it in place - although I recall the talks in our weekly meetings indicating the thought process for trying to start it up.


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Hey, I know you said you didnt know too much about it. But do you know if they offer multi engine time with it? I heard that there is no multi engine time??

Whats that about? Have you heard that?


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Considering the equipment being used, and the high cost of that equipment, I can only imagine that the goal was to not have individuals getting too focused on the increased price that including Multi time would cause.

I can not though, confirm or deny that there is no multi time included in that packaged deal. I will say though, that if there is none - I really would not be worried about it right now.


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Im a little curious. What would no multi engine do to me in the way of trying to get a job other then an instructor?

Will I be able to get multi engine time as an instructor?

I know you said not to worry about it. I just thought that it was important.


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Sorry, I should have been a bit more clear.

It is important, in the long term scale.

Not having multi time though, as a brand new CFI, flying with Pvt and Comm SE students really won't be an issue.

Further, if you do stick around for a year - there is more than enough time available to get the multi engine time, and work at the same time. That's what I'm really trying to say.


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Good Discussion Guys....

The Internship Program does not include any Multi Time...to reference all the details check out


The multi can be added on for the additional cost during the employment stage (12 month contract).

The program includes:

Single Commercial
Single CFI

Hope this helps