Falcon 50 POH


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I´ve searched the web for quite some time now looking for a Dassault Falcon 50 POH that I can buy on-line but had no luck. If there is anyone that could refer an on-line store I´ll appreciate that.
I gues that´s why I could´t find it :banghead:
Thanks man!

I Googled for the Faclon 50 AOM but came up empty. AOM's are pretty in depth and can be quite big. I know the 727 comes in two volumes that are about 5" thick each.

I would suggest contacting Dassault directly and see if they can give you the specific info you want.
Might also try AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual), Flight Manual, Pilot's Manual, or Pilot's Handbook.

Different manufacturer's seem to use different terminology sometimes.
Check eBay. I bought a Falcon 50 FSI recurrent manual that has all of the procedures (normal/abnormal), checklists, and schematic diagrams. I think it cost me around $10.
Contact a place like Flight Safety that does simulator training in the Falcon 50. They have "training manuals" that are a great reference for the aircraft. Assuming that since you cant find an AFM, youre not actually flying the aircraft... so an FSI training manual might be a better resource for you.

Not sure if they will sell you one without going through thier type rating program, but its worth a shot to ask!