Facility swap thread for those with offers


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OK my intention with this thread is for people who have been given either a TOL or FOL to facilities but might want to swap, a place to post their requests. The word on the street is they will let applicants swap if they are both willing to do so, however I have not heard this officially.

I know there will be some people who say "Don't accept a facility if you don't want to go there." However, we all know that getting in is the first big step so most of us are willing to go to a 2nd or 3rd choice if it means getting in. This thread is to see if some people can possibly work to get there #1 choices.

I will start, I have accepted a position at ZID (Indy Center). I grew up in Indiana and like the area and the facility is a level 12 so no complaints there! However my new wife of 2 months likes living away from home. We currently live in AZ so I put Phoenix TRACON and Phoenix tower as my #1 and #2 choices. Did anybody receive a TOL or FOL for these facilites that doesn't want to go there and would be interested in a swap?

Thanks for looking and if I can't help myself I hope someone else receives help from the thread. Good luck to all the applicants.

(As a side note, please only post if you have a TOL or FOL, posting without these is fruitless as we all know applying is a long process it won't matter what your geo preferences are until you get a TOL. Thanks)