FAA to Canadian License conversion


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So I took my Canadian medical exam a few weeks ago. I understand it takes a couple of weeks for that paperwork to get filed in the TCCA. I cant proceed without the # of my Canadian medical exam.

Has anyone here converted the certificates? I have at least found the steps I need to take on the TCCA website. That will convert my Commercial certificate, but what about my Flight Instructor Certificate? Does anyone know how to convert that? Has anyone done this? How long did it take? How much did it cost? I'd love some help.
Who can I call to see if they've even filed my medical yet?
I spoke with these guys beginning of this year: https://www.proifr.com/ they will be able to answer you questions.

They were very helpful and offer a ground school for the written test for the FAA - TCCA written. Did you find a job up north?