FAA Medical form question


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A question about box 17 asking about medications currently taking.
I take a Pepcid AC pill maybe once a week because I choose to eat a meal that my stomach does not like. Sometimes it's not even everyweek. Does this still qualify to be listed? if so what would be a good explaination to list. I do not want to lie to the faa. but I do not take it everyday or on a regular basis.


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I guess it is how you read the question. If one takes a medication only occasionally, I would not put it down. If you take a medication on a regular basis, declare it.


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That is what I thought.

out of curiosity. If someone where to put it down as a medication, would that cause any problems? would the medical still get passed? I know it is an approved OTC from the FAA, but would they want you to see a DR before they issued you the medical? Thanks