FAA Getting Ready To Hire Inspectors ?


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I'm guessing this is the appropriate section for this post since I don't see any other spot where it obviously belongs....and it's likely a "career change" for most people.

A little birdie tells me the FAA is getting ready to hire a whole bunch of inspectors (2500 was mentioned) to replace the geriatric squads they currently have.

Good luck to those interested. I'm going to go lie down on the couch now.
:laff::laff::laff::laff: Yep, this came from a little bit closer to the bone. The tip may be worth just what you paid for it....time will tell. Count me out in any event.
Yeah, Kit Darby's been forecasting an inspector shortage for years.

I got 2 emails from Kit the other day. The first said that the airlines would hire 5,000 pilots in 2009. The second was that he was going out of business.
The FAA has been hiring a few Inspectors here and there, but these positions were not announced to the public. Additionally, these positions were for grade level 12, which would limit the interview group to Check Airmen, former Inspectors, Assistant Chief Pilots and such. 121 Captains qualify for grade 11, and 121 First Officers qualify for grade level 9, which is the lowest entry level for Inspectors (I think).

In addition, many FSDO's are adequately staffed, which is rare. But the FAA is a safe place in an economic downturn, and people inside and outside the government know this!

Still, the FAA was never effected by the age 65 rule, and if anything, might have been hurt by it, since senior pilots are now going to simply retire from their carrier at 65, and not look for additional work as age 60 retired pilots did.

There are currently nine job announcement for Aviation Safety Inspectors. Many of the announcements are for grade levels that are lower than any I have ever heard the FAA offering for Aviation Safety Inspectors before. I have been told that is to lower the standards so more “diversity” could be gained.

You can find the job announcements at jobs.faa.gov The aviation safety inspector position are all series 1825, so you can use that to narrow your scan.
The baby boomers will never retire and they are the ones now making the rules. I'm expecting it to jump to 70 when they get there.
The baby boomers will never retire and they are the ones now making the rules. I'm expecting it to jump to 70 when they get there.

I don't know which "it" you are referring to, but there is no mandatory retirement age for FAA inspectors. However, most operations inspector jobs (pilot not airworthiness) do require a second class flight physical, which becomes a limiting factor for those who prefer not to retire.