FAA and EASA Commercial pilot and CFI


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Hello JCers,

my name is Pablo, I'm from Spain. I hold FAA and EASA (European) commercial pilot licenses, with flight instructor certificates in both. I have 340h TT, with 30h dual given, and over 2 years experience as ground and sim instructor.

There seems to be some demand for CFIs, and I was wondering if there was any school offering programs for European students that could use a dual-rated instructor.

I have contacted my previous employer (CAE in Mesa, AZ) but they cannot hire foreign instructors at the moment, so if anyone knows of any flight school able to hire foreign workers I would be grateful if you could share the info.

I have already lived in the US for about a year, in Phoenix, AZ. Miss the place dearly but I would not mind to relocate anywhere within the US. I have been issued M1 and L1B visas in the past, and I have a clean criminal record (currently cooperating with the Spanish Police performing translations)

Thanks for your help,

Pablo Caride
One of my good buddy's is from Norway and works for TransPac. They sponsored his visa when he left UND to start working there and have continued to do so for the past 4 years. I know they need flight instructors. Could be worth a shot.