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I was wondering if any of the airline pilots here have a Flight Attendant spouse. If so, do you normally schedule trips together or apart? Are there any good or bad experiences that you'd like to share.
My neighbor is a Delta pilot married to a SWA flight attendant so I think they bid in order to be around the house simultaneously.

My current captain is married to a Delta FA and they'll bid the same way too.

And two of my good friends are Delta pilots, and they both bid down to a junior airplane in order to have more seniority to get more control over their schedule.
We just flew from EWR to IAH to RNO and back on a commercial flight, (last time for a while I H A T E flying withthe unwashed masses)

the only FA that was younger than my mother was the guy from IAH to EWR and he was the best looking of them all..
The whole reason for my wanting to be an airline pilot was to meet and date hot 22 year old (female) flight attendants. Maybe I should take that off the objective line in my resume....
My wife is an FA for SWA, so I know that pilots can "buddy bid w/ other pilots to work the same line, and the same stands for FAs. However I am not sure if pilots and FAs can "buddy bid." I would say that my wife usually switches pilots once per day on average. Sometimes they share the same base, and sometimes not. Also, the pilots that she reports with in the morning are almost always different, than the ones from the night prior. That may just be the nature of the Southwest beast though, all of Southwest's in-flight crew work crazy schedules.
Thanks for the replies.

As for hot FAs, I think that the FAs at regionals tend to be younger than their major airline counterparts. I personally have seen some nice looking United FAs. (I think that their uniform dresses are very sexy.
I was on a United Express (ACA I think) J41 from IAD-PHF a few months ago and the FA was awesome. Unfortunately also very engaged. (smart guy!)
There are some very noticeable exceptions but: many of the 'old line'; pilots I know have married blissfully stupid women. Very very lovely and nice to be around, but not really too much going on upstairs, whitenoise. In some instances these women are prior FAs. But without exception these are the pilot's second or third wife. (trading down?) I dunno, I just like really smart women.
That is one thing i have been thinking about,
My girlfreind is moving out here from Israel soon. We met in the air
Like I always say "love is in the air"
Anyways she is still a flight attendant and works for elal.
She will leave the airlines and come to the USA.
Once you get married, as an airline pilot what are the times actually not being with your family.
I remember the day when women said, i want to be with a pilot. But come to think of it, he is almost never there. Unless its different than as a flight attendant.
I think she is going to live with the consiquinces

Tough! Not going to throw my dream away because of her!
Women....Flying....women....flying! Hmmm....damn that's a touch choice.

"If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife!"

Then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and just a light switch away!
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Then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

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I thought beauty was in the eyes of the beer holder
My plan is to have several affairs with young and beautiful FAs! When I'll reach an age of 45 I'll marry a 25year old FA!
That is a plan! isn't it
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no way.. it's in the burbon holder!!

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Oh hon, stay off the sauce for once!
Davetheflyer I have to admit that i like your plan. Now that I am married I need to live vicariously through other like you.

Not as bad as being a navy wife, you don't get to see each other for 3months at a time!

I'd take airline pilot every time.

Plus, when you are home, your like home all the time.
If you marry a 25 year old when you are 45, be sure and get an option to trade her in when she hits 30. We really shouldn't have to marry, we should be able to lease a wife until we get tired of her and trade her in on a new one!
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trade her in when she hits 30.

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Is that an Upgrade?