F-22 to cease production


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The Senate on Tuesday voted to end further production of the F-22 Raptor that flies out of Langley Air Force Base in Hampton.

However, the debate in Washington is not over, and there was no indication Tuesday of how — or if — the debate would affect the local base.

-Here's my question...do we need the F-22?

The governemnt is saying no, adn that future was will be non traditional wars such as what were currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wars where the F-22 isn't needed, wars better suited they say for the F-35.

The F-35 was created to be a support aircraft for the F-22, much the same as the F-16 was created to support the F-15. Does the F-35 have the shoes to fill in for the F-22?

How can our country predict the future and claim that future wars will not be traditional ones, with Russia and China out there looming, and both nations creating their own 21st century jets with F-22 like abilities, or greater.

Are only 187 F-22's enough???

There is a very long thread about this already from a month or two back (when the decision was originally released). My kinder way of saying "repost" :p
it sounds eerily like when they decided not to put guns on the F-4 Phantoms back in Vietnam because "the future of combat was over the horizon warfare, not dog-fighting". I'm sure this will come back and bite us in the butts some how.