Expressjet CRJ ATL pilot base


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Is ATL mostly a CRJ 200, 700 or 900 base? Is it a junior or senior base and how long do you have to wait to hold a line from reserve?


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I believe you can get it as a new hire, atleast the last few classes had a couple people go. I think it will be quite awhile to get a line.

Are you ever going to make a decision on where you are going to go? It seems like there has been plenty of info given.


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Mostly -200, it's the most senior base for FOs but that being said you should still be able to hold if you want to on the -200. I think reserve is like 1.5-2yrs now but that can change overnight.


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I am approaching the 2 year mark in ATL on the -200 and I am no where near holding a line. I've held a line once in ATL, which was last summer. I'm further away from a line now than I was this time last year.