Umm....access denied. Why am I not cool enough to chat?

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You're a pilot - thats why!!

Absolutely no idea - some people seem to have problems with the software that Doug, nor I can duplicate!
Access Denied here, too... And for some reason; the Chat Room link does not show up for me on the Main Index under "Jetcareers," only the Newsletter Archives. I used to be able to see that chat, and I've even been in it before; I just figured it was taken down since it wasn't very popular.
Yeah I have the same problem...I was in it before too. Man everywhere I go in this industry it's rejection.
It looks to be an authority problem. Doug/Ian try to use a test user without moderator authority to test.
So just make everyone a moderator...
So just make everyone a moderator...

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Yeah. I've always wanted one of those little flags next to my name.

Or you could be a admin, personally I like the Flag next to my name that has a 'A' in it. It better suits me
OK Doug closed the chat... dunno when / if it's gonna come back. For some reason (no idea why) mods can still go in it, but no one does.
The chat was an enormous pain in the a$$ because it's tremendously difficult to moderate so it's only visible to moderators/administrators for the time being.

Maybe it'll come back officially, but not until I find some software that makes it more secure and you don't have to worry about if people are being honest with their identities.