Evergreen Set to Close Nov. 29

I know they hadn't been doing great, but that is a shame...they've been around a long time.
PlaneFan82 said:
There is always Alaska! Nice seeing you back on the forums! :)

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Thanks PlaneFan.. Yes, Alaska is where I'd love to end up one day :) The nice thing about Evergreen was that it's only about 1/2 hour from my family. Bummer for Evergreen and it's employees, but we knew it was coming. Hate to see another airline close it's doors.
jose1337 said:
There was a recent opening at Boeing did you try applying there?

Nope...I don't have even close to the experience required. I'm also not looking to move anytime soon. Have only been here 9 months. Can't imagine moving again now! Haha... But one day, after I've gained experience, I'd love to move back home.