Ever hear about College of Aeronautics in Flushing, NY(LaGuardia)?


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Could someone tell me if they've heard anything about this school? The web site is www.aero.edu and they offer a BS. I am considering this school and ERAU. The great thing about this school is that it's only a 30 minute drive from NJ and it's much cheaper than ERAU. It's very small however and doesnt have the facilities that ERAU has. Maybe someone could check the site and tell me what you think? I'm paying about the same amount of money where I am going to college now in NYC as I would at ER (loans, loans, loans) including housing. Although now I have my own apartment and live alone. I'm only 19 and I'm a sophomore and I've finally found my niche! I dont mind the cost of ER (I say that you cant put a price on your future) and will pay the loans back someday and Daytona beach is looking mighty attractive compared to wretched NEW YORK! Thanks folks.
Ian. College of areonautics is a very good school. I have been there plenty of times. If you want to be a pilot with enough flying hours and with the as much rating you can get and in the cheapest way posible. I would sugest you go to Embrirridle (sorry for the spelling) Because It every body in the world has heard of it. Ask a pilot at any Airport if they have hear of Embri-Riddle and they will say yes. Ask IF the have heard of Coll of Aero they will say No. If they say yes it will probably " Isn't it that college by LGA airport". Also if you are in the flight program at the coll of aero you will have to travel to farmingdale Republic Airport in Long Island Just to Fly! (I wonder if you will even have time to work).In Florida Flying is alot more Cheaper and you will get more hours better Education at Embri-Riddle that at the College of Aeronautics.( so MY opinon is Embri-riddle. they Also have Jaskonvile University(good aviation school aslo). IF you want to go to College of Aeronautics I will recomend you go into the school for there Airport Management Major. After you get a Bachelor in that field then you should get a loan or something an Fly the heck out of your self(NOT IN NEW YORK though) for a couple for 1-3 years. then jet Into a RJ then Major Airlines. Which Ever way you choose Good luck and don't give up, Cuz if you do then your ass just lost mad $$$ and you Goals washed down the drain. LOL . I you you will have Success so Good Luck.
Hey, thanks for the reply! Well, at the moment, moving down to florida is not really an option. If I dont like it at the College of Aeronautics, i can transfer to ERAU the next year. The college of Aero also allows me to fly out of Teterboro in NJ which is closer. When i asked about how many hours I might get at ERAU vs. Col. of Aero. I was told that I'd get more at the Aero actually! This might be because ER is very crowded?

It would be nice if the flying was done from the actual school but if you go to Teterboro or Farmingdale you're actually paying a seperate company for the training. Do you know anyone who's gone to Aero or can you tell me anything else you've heard about the school? thanks
I've talked to a number of people who are really disappointed with the College of Aeronautics program. Its a great school for a/c maintenance training, but flight training is not a priority to them.