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I'm working on a website for students who are going to ERAU next year to try and get to know some of there fellow student. Im no webmaster, but I'm trying. If you know someone going to ERAU get the word out. Thank you.

ERAU Hookup
Do you use external software such a Microsoft FrontPage to create the website, or does Geocities provide software through their site?

Just curious as to how geocities websites are done...
I don't have front page..Wish i did. Don't know HTML either. Geocities has this really cool java website maker. You just drag something in place or type it in. Its a peice of cake.
I would say if you’re happy with geocities, then just stick with that.

FrontPage is great, but it's a little pricey. Unless you’re doing a website for business purposes, it's probably not worth the money.