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Hello everybody! I am an alumni of ERAU DB campus. I just wanted to tell everybody that ERAU is a great school and I really enjoyed learning from professors that were in the industry and understand how the real world works. ERAU flight program seems to have gone downhill over the years I have been around. They are constantly loosing students to outside FBOs because of their inability to please their students. (Thank God I only had to do one flight course there to get my degree) Just remember wherever you go, you are the customer. They seem to forget that idealogy and tick off a lot of students who spend a lot of money there. I recommend that you go to school there and major in Aerospace Studies and fly off campus. This is the most economic way to go to this school and to get the education that the airlines want. Airlines really could care less where you did you flight training, they just want you to meet their minimum time requirements. ERAU's rates for their aircraft and instructors have gone sky high. I believe you pay about $40+ an hour for an inexpeieneced 200 hour instuctor. Their prices for their aircraft have gone up as well. What seems funny to me is that ERAU will increase the rates for aircraft and instructors, but they have plenty of money to lease a citation for the president and bigwigs to fly around at their disposel. I also know times are tough to keep intructors around, but charging that much for an instuctor is insane. Off campus the rate is literally 50% less for instuctors and usually around 30-45% less for aircraft. Again I think that Riddle did a great job preparing me for my aviation career and would recommend going their for the academics.
Hi... I am going to a local CC to do my flight and ground training, and I thought about going to ERAU afterward for the Aerospace Studies degree. Any comments/advice? Will they transfer everything or will I have to fight with them?
You will have to call admissions and have evaluate what you have. I am not sure what they will transfer now and what they won't. The use to work it where they would take all certificates and ratings and give credit for them as long as you took at least 1 flight course on campus. I have heard it has changed though so you'll need to call.
I understand that Thomas Edison State College has a distance education program that will credit you levels of training for core credit. The web site is
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The answer is no. Once you enter, they will accept whatever certificates and ratings that you already have. Also, if you are currently working on a rating, they will let you complete it off campus. Anything after that, you will have to do on campus.
As a Prescott student I would like to point out to everyone that Daytona isn't a good school for flying, they do tick off the students as OverRun has said, Daytona is a bit better for engineering degrees. BUT, Prescott is good for pilot training, they have less planes but they also have less students to serve, plus they are in the process of replacing all of the older aircraft, there are a few problems with scheduling CFI's but no more than any FBO (or so I've heard).
Also, it's good to get your training at Riddle because you learn flows just like the "real pilots"
do, something that FBO's around here at least don't offer.