ERAU - Distance Learning ?


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Does anybody have any experience with distance learning from Embry-Riddle. I was starting to work on a degree in something unrelated to aviation when I recently discovered that ERAU offers distance learning, I can complete a Bachelor of Science in Proffesional Aeronautics. My only concern is, will this carry the same weight when applying to a major. I'd like to hear from anybody with any experience in these courses. Thanks.
A friend of mine did it this way and was quite happy with the way it turned out. I am sure it carries the same weight with the majors!

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I was enrolled a little over a year ago in the ERAU Distance Learning Masters program studying Aviation Management (I already had my BBA from a Non-aviation University). It is the same degree and the major carrier would not know except if they cross refrenced the fact that you may live in tim-buck-too while earning your degree from a college in Daytona Beach, FL. I doubt that it would really matter much then as the program is 100% accredited.

I left the program after one semester however, because I missed the social/academic environment that an actual classroom provides. I have plans on resuming an advanced degree in Aviation however, it will have to wait until I can attend on campus (either ERAU or FIT).
Hey guys... some info on ERAU distance learning program.

The ERAU Extended Campus is a well organized "University" that has 110+ campuses world wide that offer classes, as well as offering internet based degrees where you never set foor in the classroom.

The small "campus" based system is much nicer than the internet setting since you can actually interact with real students. The classes are all at night, 1 night a week for 8 weeks, 5 hours a night. It is designed for working individuals, but full time students do exist. just go to and look at the locations and info on the programs
Can't attest to the B.S., but I got my Masters of Aeronautical Science through ERAU's extension program. I'm Air Force, took all my classes at AF bases. I enjoyed the classes and found them worthwhile. The instructors were all working aviation professionals, which kept material current and pertinent. However, AF wide, ERAU is considered a "Pay your fee, get your B" outfit. Widely respected in the aviation community, but questionable worth outside the flying community. Just my take.
I went to the web site and tried to find the distant learning locations but couldn't. Could you post the exact URL to the page? Thanks.


Give these a try, the first one is a page that describes the Professional aeronautics degree, that page was a little more difficult to find, the next is the actual ERAU distance learning center. Below is another one for the University of Nebraska, I saw it advertised in flight training magazine, it also looked interesting but I would love to be able to put Embry-Riddle on my resume.