ERAU and the CRJ


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Is ERAU getting a CRJ sim any time soon? Also, does ERAU have anything like a king air in its fleet or actual 737 the school uses?
When I was looking into going to the DAB campus, they were going to get a JetSim 'Sometime Soon.' At the time they had a Level D B1900 sim that they used along with a 737 sim at Lockheed Martin in Orlando. 'Course the money for all those sims comes straight from the student's flight account.....
Is ERAU getting a CRJ sim any time soon? Also, does ERAU have anything like a king air in its fleet or actual 737 the school uses?

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When I graduated in August they were supposed to be about to get the CRJ sim and begin using it in the Spring to replace both the BE-1900 and 737 courses. The sim is being made by Frasca and doesn't have any motion. The new CRJ course will be alot cheaper than the 1900/737 courses, so Riddle is actually doing something that benefits the students for once. The largest plane in the fleet is the Seminole. I have heard that they used to have a King air that was used for training but not anymore.
They did have a C90A King Air back in the mid-nineties at the DAB campus that was used for ME training. At the time they had Cessna T303 Crusaders and the King Air. You chose which one you wanted to do your multi in. The King Air was more expensive (of course) and had less time in the airplane and more time in a fixed simulator. The Crusader option was less expensive and had more flight time.

The King Air bit the dust around the time the new Seminoles arrived at DAB; the Crusaders left then too. This would have been about 1997, as I was in only the second semester of students doing their initial Commercial in the Seminole rather than the Mooney.

I was also one of the first groups to do the BE-1900D program, which was interesting, if a bit behind the times considering the RJ revolution. The 1900 and 737 were required for graduation at the time; I never flew the 737 sim (which was on campus at the time). I was a Continental Airlines intern and got credit for the 737 by going through DC-9 school in Houston (which was an absolute blast!).

They have the CRJ now and it is supposed to cost about 3500 bucks which is considerably less than the B1900/737. They are still having some problems with it but should be worked out soon. It will be ready for spring.
Yeah, the sim is on campus and the bugs are still be being worked out, what I'm hearing from a flight instructor is that the autopilot right now is giving them problems in the system logic. The same instructor is learning the "flows" based on ACA's profile. Right now they are training the Riddle Flight Line Instructors to teach the students for the sim. I know that the current students taking sim courses were going to Orlando flying the B737 sim. But since the CRJ sim was so close, the forced the students to switch to the CRJ sim.
Well as seniors we still have the option to do whichever we want. The B1900 and 737 or comparable to both. Or the CRJ. It would be stupid to spend that much money on the other two when you could do the CRJ though.
Nope, no 717's. But the Prescott Campus, where I go to school, has a GREAT 727 sim. Its a little on the old side, as we got it from TWA, but its still TONS of fun. I would love a chance to fly the old tri-jet for a living.