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I’ll report this on my next medical, but I am wondering if I should expect any trouble or if there is anything else I need to do. A few months back I had a rather expensive bloody nose. For seasonal allergies and the occasional sinus infection that follow I have been taking FLONASE/fluticasone. I use it much more frequently during the allergy season as was the case here.

One evening I had a nose bleed that I could not stop. Since I was starting to resemble a victim from an 80’s axe/chainsaw movie, I went to the ER to get it cauterized. Sorry guys if this is sort of gross. It turns out it was only bleeding from one side, but as it formed a clot, the blood would end up going out of the other nostril and then mouth. The ER took care of it for the evening, but it reoccurred several times over the next few days. In each case I was able to stop it myself. I did a follow up visit to an ear,nose,throat specialist who thoroughly cauterized the problem area and that was the end of it. He suspected it was the FLONASE combined with the super dry desert air here in Utah. I am otherwise healthy, I have not had an issue since.

Thanks again Dr. Forred for the service you render on this site!!!
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