Epic Aviation - New Smyrna Bch


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I was curious if anyone has any experience with or
info on this school -- it's located in New Smyrna Bch.,
Florida. It looks pretty good especially with their bridge
to Vintage, a charter company that flies to Key West and
the Bahamas. Thanks . . .
One of my friends is an instructor down at Epic. They run a really good school and I would definately recommend checking them out. I know someone who is working on his instrument at Epic and really likes it there.
I've flown there and I really liked it. Pretty decent rates and brand spankin' new 172 SP's. They still have that "new plane" smell.

KEVB is a great airport to fly out of compared to DAB. (If you're looking in this area) It get's a little busy, but you'll end up saving money because you won't have to wait for clearances, runway crossings, etc... The people at Epic are laid back and friendly. I'd reccomend checking them out. Send me a PM or e-mail if you want more info.
I might do my cfi/ii/m down there if I decide to transfer into ERAU's management program. From what I hear they are a top notch group, awesome maitenance and incredible equipement/prices.