EnRoute FOL


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I don't care which PEPC you went to I just want to know who got their FOL & are going to a center. Also what class date did you get for OKC?


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pepc in may
fol in june (declined the june 20th class date)
Fol end of july
Class date August 19th
Heading to chicago center in Aurora IL


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PEPC interviewer today said all start dates for Enroute would be after FY09 and no FOL until more dates given for Enroute. Don't know if that is just for Chicago PEPC or for anyone that hasn't received a FOL. Others from the Chicago PEPC have said that they were told to expect next year in February/March for OKC.


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yep probably most of NY and almost if not ALL Memphis PEPC en router's (me included) will not get any class dates until they get the 09 fy stuff. hopefully they are all really soon though!


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Had my PEPC today. Was told obviously the FY09 stuff, but hinted more than likely it'd be oct/sept. I interviewed with Director of HR, cool lady!

I know she interviewed 3 other ZFW this week... fess up fellas!


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Yeah I wonder how long it will be before they post the enroute class dates. I saw that Terminal has classes already through like march of next year. Between the 3 PEPC's they hired 360 enroute people, only 18 per class for basics. So if they started a class a week starting Oct 1 they could us all in by early Feb but from what it looks like in the past it hasnt been exactly every week. I just cant wait to get my FOL and class date so I can start making plans. Anyone have the inside scoop on when they might have the schedule out?


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Memphis PEPC here. I was told class would begin anytime from October-January, but they seemed to be leaning towards January. I attended three weeks ago and haven't heard a thing. I may email my HR contact in another week just for an update considering I was told I would receive a FOL within 2-3 weeks.


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I haven't received my FOL but I did receive an email from HR saying my clearances were in but couldn't give me the FOL until she was able to give me the class date. She said that it would take another couple of weeks before they would be authorized to fill the FY09 (Oct 1st & foward) classes. I was told to enroute NY PEPC people would get their FOLs around the end of August for Oct classes.