Employment of ERAU Grads


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I'm a high school sophomore and I'm thinking of attending Embry-Riddle (the Prescott campus). I want to study Aeronautical Science (I'm really considering becoming a pilot), and I want to study Applied Meteorology, since it is a good back-up and is important for flying.

My question regards hiring after you graduate. I realize that even though there are direct-hire programs, it is rare to be hired immediately for a regional airline. Can you get a job for flying for a charter company or something?

If most students indeed go the CFI route, then is it relatively easy for Embry-Riddle graduates to get an instructing job at Embry-Riddle itself or a local FBO? Or is it tough for an Embry-Riddle grad to get a CFI job, just like everyone else?
I have a friend that graduated at PRC with the AS major and the meteorology minor...he has a job in PHX with I think it's called Falcon Executive Aviation or something along those lines...

As far as I gather it's a pretty nice job...he just bought a new car and is making good money while he racks up more hours. I'm not entirely sure what his exact job is but I know he's not flying for them yet but definately has the option to be an inside-hire for the position.

I think he works with the computers doing scheduling for the planes and maintenence checks and all.
Most students end up being a CFI after graduation (whether it be for ERAU or at another FBO)... You will most likely return home after graduation and find a job as an instructor at your local flight school. As far as getting a job easier then others, all depends if the guy hiring you is a Riddle Graduate.

Do NOT plan on going right from school to some airline, it very rarely if ever happens... Plan to CFI for probably about 2 years and then plan on moving on from there...

As far as the guy with the "new job" and "new car"... Just notice he is NOT flying for that company, he is working in computers (which initially pays a LOT more than being a CFI)

Embry-Riddle Prescott is a good school... Don't let a few "nay-sayers" on here discourage you from going there... It is very expensive (compared to when I was there) but is still excellent training.

Hope this helps.