Empire Airways Anyone?


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Does anyone have any info about Emprie? I saw them on "Airline Pilot Central" but beyond pay scales and domiciles, I don't know much. I've got ATR time, and I fear I may be furloughed...

Are they really hiring, and if so, on what aircraft?
Are they a good company to work for?

Any info is greatly appreciated.



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I have a friend who flys the ATR for Empire out here in Seattle. I'll ask her and get back to you if noone else can provide any info.

PS: Check your PM's.

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Don't know whether they're hiring or not. Word on the street a couple of years ago was that management/labor relations were not good. Supposedly better on the 135/Caravan side. This information is at least 2 years old so worth what you paid for it.


I used to run into the guys at Empire who were flying FedEx into Fairbanks when we were flying UPS into there. They were both incredibly satisfied, loved teir jobs. The FO side pays well (30,000k per year or so) for an FO, and the Captains make a decent living too. I thought about applying for the FO slot, but then the jobs went away.



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They also wanted 50 hours actual instrument time for the Vans. Which if you are a southwest flyer like myself is very hard to acquire.... Heard very good things though.