Email Access?


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I'm starting the 3mo. Career Pilot Program soon and want to see if anyone (student/instructor) has recommendations on the best way to access the Internet (and my Internet-based email account). I know the student apartments don't come with phone service, but is it difficult/worthwhile to get it installed?
If I get hired as an instructor, I imagine I'll be moving around a lot. Any suggestions on flexible internet providers? Maybe AOL which you can dial up from anywhere in the country? Are you allowed to use the computers at school for personal use? Any info would prove helpful as I use the internet for some finances, sending emails, checking aviation websites, etc.!
All of the ATP career pilot bases have internet access, so you can check email when the computers are available. I thought about a phone line when I did the program but after the first 6 weeks you travel around quite a bit, going back to the previous option.

Once I am assigned a 'permanent' base I will likely get a phone line to use the internet.
Yeah, I was kinda worried about that myself coming into the program. But the computers at Jax and every location I have been too are almost always available for students to use to check email and browse websites, so I really wouldn't worry too much about it.