Electronic Logbooks


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Hey all,

I'm a fairly new pilot (about 230TT) and I have my PPL, Instrument Rating, and I'm about to finish up my Commercial. CFI is next and then hopefully a successful aviation career. I have heard that the electronic logbooks help out a lot and I am thinking about investing in one. I have a Mac so that makes things difficult. I have heard about LogTen but can't seem to find much information about it or any recent customer reviews.

Does anyone have any personal experience with electronic logbooks for Macs or any suggestions for me? Anything will help, Thanks.


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I have a Mac and have been using Logten for a while now. I also used Logbook Pro with boot camp a few years ago. I enjoy the interface of Logten much more, its a stable program with great customer support and you dont have to mess with Windows. The feature I like the most is the ability to update my logbook from my iPhone 3G with the new Logten Mobile program. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me. FWIW You can download both programs and try them for free first.