Electronic E6B.


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Ive looked online and read about a few. However Im looking for input from those who actually own them. Which one is the least expensive and fairly easy to use. I just cant get back into using ye ole sliding wheel.
Thanks for the replies.
I've got a Jeppesen...something or other. Looks like an FMS, easy to use, I dig.

Though I kind of haven't used it in years and honestly can't tell you where it is.
I've got the ASA CX-2, and I love it for preflight planning. For quick in-flight stuff, I still whip out the whiz wheel though.
I also have the Sporty's E6B that I like a lot.

Easy and quick to use, with a whole bunch of extra functions, and you can use it on any FAA test.
I have the sportys E6B, and then the Metal E6B..

Love um both, the Electronic one is easier, but when i have no life and im plotting XC's that i'll never fly, i use the Metal one...

i wish i could put a :sarcasm: tag here but im not kidding...
I used to have the techstar E6b until it got swiped. No one wants to steel a whiz wheel :/ had it since private.

If I was going to buy again I would still get a techstar.