Electric aircraft poised to reach market


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Don't know about everybody else but for once it would be nice to not have to worry about noise abatement, fiery but otherwise survivable crashes, fuel and oil spills, CG changes, etc. when flying one of these puppies. I personally find it incredibly shameful that, because of the chokehold that the oil industry has on our economy and R&D, the Chinese are beating us hands-down when it comes to affordable electric motor technology for GA.

Hopefully we can get some bright tech people to takeoff with it here in the good ole' USA 'cause in my opinion this is the only real quantum leap in GA for the foreseeable future!
When this takes hold, it will be interesting to see what regulations they make. I can only imagine flying along, and the battery starts to go on you... +30 minutes or +45 minutes of fuel doesn't really work in this situation. :confused:
Never seen a lithium battery explode into a ball of sparks and fire?

Nope, but I'm hoping that any chemical reaction post-crash containment technology for aviation batteries would be at least as good as the current one for electric car batteries like the ones on the Chevrolet Volt . . . I mean didn't those catch fire and emit sparks and smoke a couple of weeks AFTER they were subjected to a test crash and then only because the battery pack was not drained after the test?