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What's the status of the EJA deal?

I need some reassurance of a job after dropping that kind of coin!


I just visited FSI yesterday, and the word is that the big corperate guys were going down there again to tour the facilities and to meet with the director of the academy. the admissions lady said that the program would be up and running in mid-jan 2002.
i just visited FSI yesterday and was really impressed with the facilities. I think i will actually go!!! had a couple of questions about a couple of things.

Apptitude Testing- i wanted to know what they have on it and if it effects any of your training?

Driving Record- does FSI consider applicants due to their driving history?? is it that big of a deal?

KingAir Sim- How do you get in this sim, unlike the majority of the students wanting to go to the regionals, i want to get a job in the corperate field and i think getting time in the king air sim is going to be very valuable to me.

thanks again for your time. Any information given is greatly appreciated! Good luck in your training
In reply to ExecJet coming down to FSI, nothing is final as of yet...but we will be visited shortly by the major gurus at ExecJet. The major problms as stated earlier are the pilots union and the minimums involved. There is alot of speculation on what the program will call for so we will have to wait until they have something on paper.

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Thanks for the information aviator, i might get my private instrument locally then transfer to FSI, looks like it would cost me less money
Hey Dudeman,
Sorry it took so long to write back...lots of great IMC weather to go and fly in. Anyhow in regard to aptitude testing its just like Aviator said...a quick pocket of $100 for FSI but they do show the results to the prospective airlines. As for King Air time fork over the cash and heck I will type you in it...J/K but everything here is money. As for jobs...corporate or ASA, if its a flying job I would take it, in this stage of the game one can not be very picky on where they will work and both companies are great to work for. Regarding doing your flight training somewhere else and transferring to FSI it could work and yes it will save you cash but you will miss out on the top notch instruction. Instructors here know their stuff and they pass on the info very well. I feel I will be much more prepared for the interview having finished my instrument ticket here...no matter which way you go FSI is a great place. Good luck and sorry for rambling on.

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thanks for the info, the campus looked great and the tour was very informative. how was your ride in the zlin???? yeah i really do want to attend in Jan but i think its too expensive as of right now. I was wondering if you can get individual ratings while your there i.e. (private instrument) then go home???/ it might be a little cheaper for me. (DAMN CAR PAYMENTS)
Chunk copied this over from flightinfo forums....

The rumor that I have heard while flying the line with EJA is:

EJA will buy a buttload of 6 seat jets. The kind that the nimbus group ordered 1000 of. (I forget the name of the jet) They will use these with FSI grads and an instructor to transport EJA crews around the country. That means no more airlining to pick up an airplane.

That is only a rumor I have heard.


Any of you guys down in Vero heard about this angle?? I assume he's talking about the Eclipse.

Any comments???