Eclipse 500,etc. and turbine/ME time


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Greetings all. I am new to this page and I must say so far its a great source of information.

I wanted to see what people's opinion was on the Eclipse500, Safire, Diamond D-Jet , etc. (low cost of operation jets) that are going to be planned for certifcation within the next few years. Most importantly, how do you think it will affect one's ability to obtain turbine time? With the increased ease of obtaining turbine/multiengine experience will it make it that much harder to get a job w/the airlines? (e.g. more pilots out there applying for the same jobs .. higher time for turbine/ME on resumes, etc.).

However, it looks like a huge percentage (70% or so , I think I read) of the Eclipses are being purchased by charter companies. This would possibly balance out the job situation because of the increased need for pilots to fly these new 'mini' jets being introduced..

An unrelated issue I have wondered about is whether ATC will generally clear these jets to FL290+. This is certainly the most cost effictive altitutes, but due to the significantly slower cruise of these jets, spacing issues with airliners will certainly arise. If restricted to lower altitutes the cost efficiency may be reduced to the point in which it would not be any mroe effective than something else (cant think of a good comparison).

I would be interested to hear others opinions on this.

I think they'll make a big impact on the jet world. Just as I believe the Diamond TwinStar will make a huge impact on the light twin world. All are fairly cheap to buy, and to operate, when compared with what is out there in the market now. And, to top it off, they do things better as new, than you can do for a similar cost of a used aircraft.

TwinStar for example. If it had been out for a couple years by now, I would buy one. Fly it like crazy, and let others build time in it as well, as it is supercheap to operate. I think it'll replace the seminole and other older twin training fleet in use today if no problems crop up in production.

I wouldn't mind flying the 500 if someone threw me the keys!
Or even the D-jet.
This light jet revolution will be a niche market for sure. I do think it wll change a lot of things. Quite possibly provide a few more jobs. What will the pay be like for those jobs is the question. I don't think it will make getting the turbine time that much easier. i don't know too many students who can afford to train in a $million+ aircraft. Granted it will make the transistion to turbine equipment one step closer on the ladder though. I am really curious to see what these planes have as an effect on the older planes out on the market now. I really hope it drives the price of them down. It is a shame how high costs have gone in the last 30 - 40 years.