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i just went over to erau.edu and they do not give a whole lot of info on their early decision policy. basically, im asking can this help your chances in getting in erau. i have made up my mind and this is universtiy i plan on attending. is there and loopholes i need to know about this policy. thx
Well the advantages to Early Decision is you find out if you were accepted alot earlier and it can help your chances a bit. Basicly they get ALOT of more people accepted and dont attend than do. SO this is a way of not wasting there time and helps them get students they want. But if you get accepted your stuck gong there. GOOD LUCK!

Hope I helped some what
I applied early decision back in 1999 and was accepted early. I've noticed that the admissions requirements are not very high so as long as you have decent grades it shouldn't really matter. If you have borderline grades, applying early decision should help.
Early Decision does not mean you have to attend......its just what they want you to think. I applied and was accepted w/ early decision. But i did not attend until 2 years later, after reapplying. All you have to do is say you will not be there for some reason, financial always works, and tell them sorry should you choose to attend elsewhere.
Do you think that applying for the early decision thing, will improve your chances of getting a scholarship, or would it unimprove it because they already know you want to go their, so whats the point of giving you a scholarship, if they already know your going to pay full price?
for those who got accepted through early decision, did u recieve any additional information about erau during the second semester of your senior year? in other words, did they update u in any other information regarding degrees and etc? i am going to apply through ed in a short while, (about a month from now) and it would help if people can give me some more info on this. to cut to the chase, iv been hearing a lot of warnings from friends and family that the future of an ailine pilot is very tough. believe me, ive talked to everybody and they tell it like it is. i myself have done enormous research about this and i know it aint gonna be easy. but...IM PREPARED TO GO THROUGH THE DIFFICULTIES. but for the past month i have done a lot of soul searching and for the first time in my life i felt a wave of doubt, a feeling of, is this career path the best for me? i was shocked, a year ago a doubt like this only showed up in my darkest nightmares. anyway, for those who have enrolled or graduated from riddle, how are you holding up and did u ever get down like this before? thankyou so much.
I applied and was accepted early decision back in the Fall of 99. After getting the acceptance letter I didn't hear much from them until the summer when the orientation and roommate information started to come. You still have almost 5 years until you will graduate and I'm sure by then the industry will be back on its feet and you wont have much trouble finding a job. I'm getting ready to graduate Summer of 03 and I'm getting worried that I won't be able to find a job when I graduate, but you have a while so if I were you I wouldn't worry.