Eaglejet Info!!! Please!!


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Hi buddies....i also have low hours....im thinking seriously to to the TR+LT prog of Eaglejet for B 737-NG...has anyone of you been there?I want to find out all info before going.
Im from Spain so have JAA CPL

I dont like also paying for flying,but i have undergone through very deep problems and if i want to work as pilot,i dont have any other option.
So i request everyone who could give me infor about Eaglejet,if they do the base training also there and other info,would be grateful.
Thank you.


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You won't find any support on this board for EagleJet. You're more likely to be chastised for even considering such an option.


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You don't want to work as pilot.
You want to pay as pilot.
Pay as pilot = bad.
Work as pilot = good.


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I would check out pprune.com there is more EU people. Also look at the 320 program if you are over 30.


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Hey, I was thinking about Eagle Jet as well. If you do get any info from others, please could you let me know.



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There are hundreds of rated NG and A3X experienced guys looking for work right now. The airline will make you pay for your time and fire you for another guy, just like you. Afterwards you will not be attractive in the jobs market!