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I read that they changed the 8500-8 to ask if you have ever been "arrested" or convicted. I had two arrests for DWI in 1985 and 1990 (College). I was a screw up, One was dismissed and the other I was aquitted of and the record expunged. I am ashamed of this, and embarresed to admit it. I got my act together and started flying and have since built a career in aviation(15 years) that I am afraid I could lose due to this new reporting requirement. Could they retroactively deny my medical?



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Just report them and make a detailed comment on the 8500-8 explaining the situation. The fact you have flkown 15 years and had no incidents will look good. The AME should also make the comment about the 15 years of flying with no incidents since 1990. I doubt you will hear anything from the FAA.