DUI - not convicted but high BAC


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I know you have touched on DUIs a few times already but since my case is a little different I wanted some advice about obtaining my medical.
I was arrested for a DUI 2 years ago but was not convicted, however since I had a high BAC I was required to complete counseling.
Because I was not convicted and there was some disconnect between my (free) lawyer and I, I did not find out that I was required to do the counseling until this past January when I was pulled over for an out headlight and found out I was suspended for not competing the program.
So long story short, I started counseling in May and will be finishing up in early November. I am in the process of obtaining my medical for ATC and am worried that I will be denied based on the high BAC and counseling. I disclosed the arrest and counseling on my medical form but am still worried. Will I be denied my medical clearance?

My Flight Surgeon

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Probably not. I would gather copies of all of the official legal records just in case they ask for them. That will prevent a delay.


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I finally received a letter from the regional flight surgeon and I was disqualified from obtaining my medical clearance. It stated that I am able to appeal once I complete counseling (in less than a week) and obtain a substance abuse evaluation and a psychiatric evaluation with psychological testing. My concern is that even though I do not drink now they will only consider the fact that I abused alcohol two years ago when I got the DUI. Do you have any insight on this?