Dreamlifter departure


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I happened to be in Charleston, SC (CHS) at the right time when this thing was headed out. I think this thing was light because it came off the ground pretty quickly. This thing is massive.







I have a video of it taking off on my digital camera out of CHS! It was last Thursday if I recall. I actually put a picture of it up under the random pics thread I posted.
I was at the airshow at CHS last year and the Dreamlifter was there. One of the most interesting things is how large the hinges are for the tail section to swing open. As I recall, it has to be supported by a supped-up forklift. Incredible pics. Good post.
I think there are 3, run by Evergreen (aka The Zone)

And I think they were converted in Taiwan if I remember right....
Great shots!

I was fortunate enough to fly right over it in PDX last year . . . off 28R with an early left turn, very cool.
:yar:Arrgh, I've seen the whale as well! She's a big lady, arrgh, too much for a mere mortal to fly.:yar:
Just prior to rotation at Charleston as well.
Look out for what?

I heard a controller talking to them when I was flying earlier this week. Gave them direct Yakima, and they were just west of CHS.

That must be the start of their descent into Everett, I don't think they can land at Yakima:confused: Moses Lake, but not Yakima.