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OK Folks. I'm posting this on the schools I am looking into. I want to hear from anyone who has the time to offer insight and intelligent information (no bashing).

What is the best school for the bucks and networking? I currently have my Private, Intrument, and commercial ratings (all SEL). In about a year from now, I will embark on a journey that will take me from where I am to the regionals or corperate. I am talking flight schools only and not college (which is taken care of already).

again, I will post this on the schools that I am interested in the most: Ari-Ben, ATP, FSA, Regional (no post site), and Pan Am.

Have at it...


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Well, I would say that FSA is great for networking. If you are looking for a pipeline program to somewhere, they may not be the best choice, but the people in the marketing department, I think Angela Shaw is the contact there now, were extremely helpful in helping to develop my resume' and putting me in contact with companies who were hiring.

Additionally, FSA's ME courses, while expensive, do help you to log a lot of ME time. If all of your tickets are SE, you really need to get as much ME time as you can to make yourself marketable. I'd set 200 ME and 1500 TT as minimums.