Doh! Another computer problem...


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After last month's episode with that stupid worm, I now no longer have a CD and DVD drive (according to Windows anyways). I don't know if this is related to the worm or not, but it happened around the same time (I'm just now getting around to tinkering with it). I've tried disconnecting the drives and reconnecting them, in hopes Windows would then recognize them, but no such luck. Anyone have any ideas that I may not have tried?

Oh, and on an unrelated note (well, maybe not, I dunno)- does anyone know how to get into the BIOS setup on a Compaq?

I'm running WindowsXP Pro, if that helps...
On startup (the very frist screen you see) hit the Del key (the one under help and next to end). That should get you into the BIOS.
Two thing to try in this order...

1. Try removing the DVD from the device manager (Right click My Computer->Properties->Hardware tab->Device Manager), after doing that reboot. Windows should detect the DVD player and reinstall.

2. A little more work involved, but...shut the PC off, open the case, remove the cable from the DVD player, and then put it back on. Button everything back up and try it again. Sometimes those cables get loose or dusty.

Let me know how those work out for you. I'll try to regress back further into my helpdesk days.