Does The FAA Still Accept The FALANT?


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Hey doc,

I sent you a private message asking about getting a letter of evidence for color vision after passing the FALANT test. I sent the results to OKC and I have called them 3 times and they keep telling me the case is under review. It has been over 10 weeks since I sent the request for a letter of evidence along with a letter from the doctor that administered the FALANT. I was just wondering if they accept the FALANT test for a letter of evidence still and if there are any specific standards? As far as I know you can miss 2 in 3 series of 9. Thanks doc.

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They still accept the FALANT. My suggestion, if you are an AOPA member, is to call AOPA medical and they can help with the FAA redtape.


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Hey Doc, I came out to see you at the beginning of last month and I passed. I'm in the same boat as the poster who started this thread. In your office, you mentioned getting the AOPA to go to bat for you if you don't hear from the FAA in a timely manner, and I'm getting ready to do just that.
My question is: If the FAA decides at some point in the future to no longer accept the FALANT, assuming I ultimately get my Letter of Evidence, will I be grandfathered in ?

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Once issued, always issued. They will not rescind a letter of evidence. Just think of how much hassle that would cause them to track down every letter of evidence they every granted.