Does ATP have partnerships?


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Does ATP have partnerships with any regional airlines. I received info from them in the mail today, but nothing was said about airline affiliates. Does anyone know if Regional Airlines go to ATP campuses for recruiting as they do at some other schools? Just some important questions. ATP has shot up to number one on my list of schools!
No, ATP does not have a partnership with any airline.
First off, coming out of the ACP program you're not near experienced enough to work for an airline, and ATP doesn't pretend otherwise.
Second off, if you work for ATP as an instructor you reap up more twin engine time than most anywhere else (Unless you happen to work in Las Vegas in July, and people are too smart to attend flight school in 110 degrees weather. Like I do.) and airlines rather like that. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
I've heard rumors that pre-9/11 ATP had an agreement with two regionals that they wouldn't hire more than X ammount of ATP instructors per month, since they were depleting ATP's instructor pool. Of course, that was pre 9/11..