Does accident equal career bad luck?


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I have been with 4 companies flying so far. The longest one lasted 4 months and one was skydivers once a day out of the week for about 8 months (pilots fighting for the plane to fly). The first flying job end by the aftermath that was created by a accident I was involved in a Cessna 210 due to fuel vapor lock (no pilot error). To make a long story short...1000' AGL...over populated area...left gear up to land in drainage canal...aircraft totaled...not a scratch on me or anyone....NTSB report accident due to fuel vapor lock.

When I apply for flying jobs and the question comes up on the ap and I answer YES is this frowned upon? I feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot. I wish the aps would ask for any pilot error accidents. Does anyone else have or has had this problem, know what to do, and what it is worth? Does it have anything to do with the insurance companies? Thanks.

BTW, looking for somewhere to stay a while as long as I can visit home (New Orleans). Interested in the Caravan if possible but will take flying anything. For the other jobs went like this....1. replaced by a higher time pilot two months into the job. 2. Company was bought out and had there own pilots was not even 135 checked out yet so only per diem for one month. Thanks for feeling the pain. :rolleyes:


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The end result....

I was also working the line (washing and fueling aircraft) for this company. I was making $6/hr doing this and flying part time (once a week). I was promised a $1 raise on the line after doing this for one month. I had the accident before the one month time was up. In the accident I lost a $350 headset. Never saw it again. Boss came to me with a $50 headset he let the customers use with the knobs broken off and this was to be my replacement! I ordered another good headset and gave the bill to the secretary who then wrote me a check for it. 2-3 days later as I was fueling an aircraft and he is fast pacing to me 50 yards away screaming at me, "don't think I'm not paying for this, I am!" His face is crayfish red as he shakes the check at my face. I kept my cool and still stuck around. A few days later it came time for my $1 raise on the line. He refused the raise and the next day I gave him my 2 weeks notice. Enough was enough.

I do apply for any job I want but in most aps the question is a yes or no only question and if I say no, I'm a lier and if I say yes, it is considered pilot error I guess. I have also come across the "accident free pilots only apply".

Emergency training does work and the hardest thing was to keep myself from freezing up in those ever so slow moments. After I came to a stop in the canal and froze for about 5 seconds the c-210 started sinking. As I pulled the mixture and throttle out, grabbing the keys the door was hard to open (one thing I did fail to do that I learned in training). I shoved it twice and the first time the pressure from the water was too great as it rushed in at my waist. The second time I was able to hold it open long enough for the pressure to equalize and I swam out of N5120Q. The red gas caps like red flags and the vert. stab were the only things left sticking out the water that I could finally freeze my eyeballs on to say to myself, "This is really happened to me". I now have my SES. ;) Wouldn't mind telling the long version of the accident on some request.