Doctor Notes


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I have been free of Lexapro and Strattera for 6 months. The lexapro was a 2 week long trial that failed, so it wasnt much. But the stratter was taken for 4 years. I have a note for the Lexapro, but do I need a note for the Strattera?

You will need copies of the entire medical record related to the Strattera as well as a letter form the treating physician verifying you no longer have aneed for the medication. Your medical will be deferred and the FAA will review the files. They will then decide about issuing a medical certificate. This will take about 8 weeks from medical to a decision.
I just took my medical last week and gave my ame a letter from my doctor who prescribed me Strattera stating that I do not need the medicine and have been off it for over 6 months. I was however unaware of the requirement for copies of records relating to Strattera. Should I fax okc those records now or wait for a request for them.