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For those who fly in Florida...Please watch out for the Disney TFR! I am a CFI in Orlando and fly out of Executive (KORL) which is only 15 miles from Disney. Pilots are getting violated everyday by the FAA for violating this TFR. There have been over 70 violations since it went into effect and six of those violations occured this weekend. The FAA is out to get you on this one!

We had a renter at my flight school get violated because he flew right over Disney at 2,000'. The FAA called to let us know and asked us to have the pilot call them when he returned. He claims he had no idea the TFR existed. I know most pilots are more diligent than this guy, but keep in mind the FSS will not give you TFR info during a wx briefing unless you request NOTAM and TFR info.

The penalty for violations is a 30 day suspension of privledges. And just as a heads up, Disney lobbied the government and the TFR is actually a permanent flight restriction. They pretty much "bought" the restriction from Congress. So, fly safe and be careful in the Orlando area!
Our one over Disneyland is restricted. I think the government is abusing the powers created after 9/11. None of this nonsense is making anyone safer, it is just the way the government can get their way with aviation.
Disney has been trying to restrict their airspace for years and they are taking advantage of the situation.

This is BS!
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You know, the irony in this whole thing is the fact that Disney has been trying to restrict aircraft from flying over the park for years.

And now the federal government issues a TFR to restrict aircraft from flying over the park as part of Homeland Security. But Disney was upset because when the Department of Homeland Security issued the TFR, people thought it meant Disneyland/Disneyworld was the target of an impending terrorist attack.

Typical corporate America -- they want to get their way under the auspices of "protecting America", but want to add their own flavor of 'spin' to the mix.
I was on my IFR x/c last week with my instructor and we were about 50 miles to the south of Orlando when we heard the following exchange on Approach:

Apprch: "Cessna 1234Z, Descend and maintain 2500"

A/C: "Uh - that's gonna take us directly over Disney at 2500... aren't we going to bust the TFR?"

Apprch: "No. As long as you are with us, you are okay."

A/C: "roger, Cessna 1234Z, Descending and will maintain 2500."

(a few minutes transpire)

Apprch: "Umm - CESSNA 1234Z - scratch that! Turn to a heading of 270 Immediately and climb and maintain 3700 Immdiately!!"

A/C: "Uh-huh, thought so...."

We busted out laughing.
Ouch! That can be a very tricky situation; I remember when they had the TFR for the world series ATC was allowed to vector planes through it... but as the pilot I was always concerned when they gave me a heading into it because some FSS guys would say it's ok and some would say it's not. You'd even get conflicting answers when asking ATC. I think as long as you mention it on the tapes you'll protect yourself but it still concerns me; especially at SNA where one of the departures is headed directly toward the new Disney TFR... I don't know what they do now in terms of that particular departure and whether or not you're allowed to fly through it (haven't flown out of SNA for a while).

In any case it's a waste of money, all it does is create problems for controllers and pilots, yet it adds NO increase in safety. Seriously, what the hell is a 3000' and 3nm radius 'no fly zone' around ANYTHING going to do to protect it from someone hell bent on destroying it????!?!!! Give the FAA something to violate them on AFTER the fact???
Disneyland is so big -- what do they thing we're gonna do, take out a concession stand with a little 172??
Too bad....6 weeks ago Orlando approach vectored me right over Disney World at 2500, it was great-I could see the monorails and all the rides. I believe the new TFR prohibits flight at or below 3000AGL within 3nm, right?
I took off out of fullerton a couple of weeks ago on an assigned 120 heading which takes you right over Disneyland in roughly about 3 minutes. I made sure the controller was aware of where I was headed and he said, " its ok as long as your talking to me"! So go figure about this TFR!