Disgusting.... Airline pay has no chance!!


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I was just on Priceline checking some ticket prices to a few places I'm trying to schedule my Multi.

ATL-DFW roundtrip=

Ticket price= $2.00 (yes that is two dollars)

Gov't fees and tax= $39.85

Total= $41.85 Roundtrip


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Awesome. Wish I was in ATL and needed to get to DFW. Just for lunch. Hell, I might even leave a tip.


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Must be a priceline special or a mistake, checked orbitz and it's between 250-350 and up from there.


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Update: I actually got it down to $1 ATL-DFW and ATL-LAS roundtrip!!
pricing errors happen pretty often (air carriers are often playing with pricing). Chances are they won't let you book it. You have nothing to lose by trying, you can cancel free within 24 hours now....


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Disclaimer: This is on pricleline's "name your price". You name the price you will pay, priceline will tell you if it has a chance of be accepted, you bid, pay, and done. When you bid your price if the price has a low chance of being accepted for the dates and flights chosen they tell you. With the bids above I was not given warning on the bids not being accepted. So I guess it may be glitch or sale.


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Also for the dates I need the same trip on Kayak is $188 on Spirit and $197 for AA and Delta. Still not a bad deal.


I didn't complete the purchase since I'm just shopping for tickets to budget my multi rating coming up. If you complete the purchase it will show you your ticket to print.
Are you trying to get it below one dollar? I'd probably go ahead and pull the trigger.


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You didn't actually get accepted. Priceline will not tell you that your bid was accepted until you click purchase. You just named any price. I can do that as well. Rest assured you would not have gotten that fare.

Now rest easy.

FWIW I find Priceline to be expensive, you don't save that much for what you give up, once you book you are done no cancels at all. Sucks for hotels and rental cars.


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The question whether or not that price gets accepted by the airline. Even with no warning from priceline, I'm wondering if it would have been purchased. But then again, you probably were bidding on flights that were wide open, and the airline doesn't expect to sell that seat. May as well get a few dollars for it instead of nothing! That's the whole strategy behind Priceline in the first place.

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funny thing is that i booked a hotel in the Bahamas with name your price! Nice 5star hotel, got it for 89$/night for 3 nights...
Morning i was checking out i found the regular receipt and price there was
3 * 89 = 267
3 * 89 = Gratuity
Called the reception about the gratuity and it was mandatory cause i bought though priceline and they do not surcharge gratuity in their prices...

That was the last of many trip to the Bahamas, never going back there again.
And i will be extra cautious next time i use priceline

my 2cents worth


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Oh it will let you book it. You just have to make connections in LGA, PHL, and YUL, take 3 separate airlines, run through 3 different terminals, and go through 3 separate securities with the special TSA junk check. Didn't make your flight? Sorry, that'll be a $1200 per ticket rebooking fee. Don't forget to give the flight attendant hell about making your connection.


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The sad thing is that if there was somehow a mandatory labor fee of $2.00 charged to every airline ticket sold and it was split between pilots, dispatchers, mechanics, FA, customer svc agents, rampers, etc. there would be sooo much more labor peace and less misery... paying pax would barely notice the uptick in fees and with happier employees more on time departures and better all around customer svc.

As a pilot I flew 4 legs yesterday in a regional jet (avg day for us), with loads of 33, 36, 45, and 41=155 people. Of that 2.00, 25 cents per pax per pilot = $38.75 per day. X 18 days/month= $697.50 extra/month X 12= $8370/yr about a 45% increase in first yr FO pay.

Ah we can dream... :(