Discovery Chan Job


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Found this on JSFirm - sounds cool as heck. Even the TV part.

International Flight Planner and Handler working with Discovery Chanel
Location: OGDEN (WORK FROM HOME) Utah International
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Contact: Cory Bengtzen
To Apply: click here
Job Desc:
CB Aviation is looking for a 6 month contract with the perfect flight planner and handler to help facilitate an upcoming project working with the Discovery channel and us on the second season of the up and coming aviation series “Dangerous Flights” This person will be the liaison between the Discovery Channel’s directors, pilots, and CB Aviation’s Head Quarters in the organization of all flights. You will be overseeing 6-10 flights of small to mid size aircraft for international deliveries including multiple stops in different countries around the world. This will also include prospecting and bidding for owners/brokers and their different ferry flights. You must be comfortable being on TV, as this position will be also very an integral part to the second season of the show. If the right person is found, it can be possible to work from home but will be on call 24/7 and pay will be determined on experience and/or qualifications. You must have extensive experience in international flight planning including: customs, landing permits, over-flight permits, trip planning, filing international flight plans, visas, weather interpretation, etc. This will be one exciting project working with great people from all around the world. But, this is not your normal 9-5 job! You will be working all hours of the day sometimes, and must be able to multi task with the best of them as multiple flights will be going on at the same time.

Send resume to if you think you can handle it!
MUST have Extensive experience in international flight planning including:

Trip expense estimating

Routing, fuel and range planning

Filing international Flight plans

All permits including Overflight and landing permits

Visa requirements

Weather interpretation

Hotel accommodations
Travel: none
Relocation: can work from home


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The problem with positions like this, you will be doing the 1099 at the end of the year and you dont really get any benefits not unless your union. I've done a few gigs for Discovery a while back, and no more!


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Hopefully whomever takes this job will be portrayed in a complementary way. Editing on a reality show can make a person look like a superstar or a goat.