Difficulty of ERAU?


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I am a high school student definately interested in a career as a pilot. My GPA is about a 3.85 and I have not yet taken the SAT.

I was wondering about ERAU and the difficulty of getting admitted. I am also contemplating whether or not to get a degree in a field of aviation. (using a non-aeronautical major as a back-up)

The aviation industry isn't looking to promising, however I'm absolutly going to go for it. Another concern is the military route: is it the best way to go? will I be able to discharge if I fail to make the cut as a pilot?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Hey soccerman,

I am only a junior in high school, who has not taken the sat's either. I am very interested in going to ERAU. From what ive heard from alot of people, its not hard to get into. You just gotta have somehwhat decent grades, and it shouldnt be anything to worry about. I am also leaning towards getting a non avaition degree. Can you do that at ERAU and still get your flight training there, with the same hours as the Aero. Sci people? As for the military stuff, i dont know too much about that. Ive decided the military just isnt for me.
Suggest you make a post in the military section about your military question. On second thought, you'll probably be eaten alive so don't do that. To answer your question in a very abbreviated manner--if you don't make the "cut" into a pilot slot you're still stuck in the military. So don't join the military if you're not open to that possibility. Or you can ask Eagle, Chunk75, or EODFE in one of the other forums! They'll give it to you straight.
Congrats on your grades. You sound a lot like me in high school. I also had a 3.85ish when I graduated. Being admitted to this school is cake. Essentially you just have to have the money. If you intend on getting the flight degree here (Aeronautical Science) I suggest coming in with at least your private pilot certificate. It is best to come here with everything you can. I came here in the Fall of 2000 without a private pilots licence and severly regret it. I think that the Academics at this school are the best and highly recommend it, but my opinion differs greatly concerning the flight line. They make everything much tougher than it has to be, yes it is good to have high standards, but they are a little excessive and many of their instructors are cocky and think they are God. When you get here, talk to the Juniors and Seniors in the Aeronautical Science and get pointers from them. They have the experience and know what to do and not do.

Good luck!
Soccermadman17. To answer your question on what happens to military pilot washouts, I don't know. I was a Flight Engineer, not a Pilot. Maybe a former military pilot will answer up. As for the career in the military, someone else had a good comment, I forget who it was but essentially, in the military you are an Officer first, Pilot second. In the Navy, when you are not flying, which by the way is a lot of the time, you have a ground job such as Division Officer and such. This job takes up alot of your time. It is almost that flying is treated as your collatoral duty, if that makes sense. The Military is an outstanding career, you gain alot of expeirence that your civilian counterparts will never have the pleasure to experience. Just be aware, it is not anything like Tom Cruise portrays it in "Top Gun"
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I am also leaning towards getting a non avaition degree. Can you do that at ERAU and still get your flight training there

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Can you do that at ERAU at all? I didn't think they had any non-aviation programs.
They don't really have any non-aviation degress at Riddle. Even the business degree is Aviation Business.
If you have a 3.85 go somewhere else! And you don't need a Aero Science degree from ERAU. But, if you really want to major in flight, I would choose University of Illinois where you can have a normal college life... with some girls.. But.. don't think aviation first... think college.. apply to some top schools you see in US news. most people change degrees after they realize that degree does not matter...
Yea...I've gotta agree with ERAU4money. You can get into ERAU with a 2.0 if you're willing to pay the exorbanant amount of money they will charge you with almost no financial aid.

With a 3.85, I'd apply to a school who's campus is enjoyable to live on, who has a great campus life, and who cares about their students. Then, I'd fly off campus at a local FBO and pay much less for your training.

Embry-Riddle provides no advantages over that more desireable alternative.

My suggestion is a college in the New England or specifically Boston area OR a college in California. You'll enjoy your college years much more, I guarantee it.

Take it from a current ERAU student!!!