Differences between FAA and airline medicals?


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I was just wondering if there are any differences between the FAA medical and the ones that airlines give. I guess my question is, can the airlines fire you on medical grounds that may not disqualify you from an FAA medical.

We have pretty much the same question. Do the airlines have more stringent medical requirements than the FAA, especially for vision? Do pilots have to go to company doctors or can they go to any AME?
I really don't know. But I can't imagine what an airline could ground you for that a first class couldn't?
OK. During interviews, airlines may (or may not) give medicals, administered by a doctor of their choosing. But, they can only disqualify you if their doctor finds that you have a condition that would preclude you from meeting Class I standards. However they may choose to pay for some more intensive tests that may reveal a physical/mental fault, for example, a) Northwest was requiring a stress EKG on a treadmill as well as a visit to a eye doctor to do a full eye exam, b) Delta required a visit to a psychiatrist for a mental/personality evaluation. After hire, you visit your own doctor and get your own Class I, of which you fax a copy to the company every 6 mos to a year. Unless you have a serious medical condition crop up (heart attack, cancer, etc) you will probably never be required to visit a company doctor sgain.
Thanks for the information.

What if the pilot holds a medical certificate by special issuance? Wouldn't the airlines want to pass on hiring someone under those conditions? Obviously right now there are lots of pilots to choose from, but even before Sept. 11 and this downturn wouldn't it have been a big roadblock to being hired if your medical was special issuance?