Diet Pills and Ephedrine


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This might be useful to some of us. Just heard from an MD yesterday that many of the diet pills that alot of people take have the Mu Huang root (think thats it) which is a natural form of Ephedrine. Well, guess what ephedrine shows up as on a pee pee test. Amphetamines. /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif
Whenever I take the Whiz Quiz, I put down that I take

"herbal suplements" multi vitamins and motrin. Motrin has been know to hit a false Pos, as well and any number of the herbal stuff better safe than sorry My biggest fear is they labs screw up the test,
This may have been asked before, but is it true or a myth that eating anything with poppy seeds in it will result in a false positive on a drug test? Thanks.


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Jesus. So the moral of the story is don't ever get sick if you're a pilot. Seems like it's all too easy to get a false positive, how do you guys walk that tightrope? Thanks Eagle, for all the work you put into that response- it should be required reading for everybody on this site.
FYI: When I went for my first class medical, the AME said to not write it down b/c the FAA doesn't like to see it...but it's not on the "Prohibited" list either. He even called the AOPA to ask about it and they said it's not banned....just not advised.