Didn't they learn?


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DL, NWA pilots agree to arbitration

Monday June 30, 2008 Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines pilots, whose leaders reached a tentative agreement on a joint contract last week with DL management (ATWOnline, June 25), will enter into a period of "good faith" negotiations over details of seniority list integration and agreed to enter into binding arbitration by year end if differences still remain. Minneapolis's Star Tribune reported that the tentative joint contract would give DL pilots a 5% pay raise next year and annual increases of 4% through 2012, with NWA pilots receiving larger raises to bring their pay to parity with their better-compensated DL counterparts. The DL Air Line Pilots Assn. MEC has approved the tentative contract and the NWA ALPA MEC reportedly will vote on it imminently. Pilots from both carriers then would be required to ratify it.
Hmm, where have we seen this before? While I doubt Delta will go riding off into the sunset if they don't get their way, I can very much see NWA attempting a decert effort.


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What leads you to believe that NWA would attempt a decert if they don't get their way?

It was pretty clear that the US Easties really just didn't want to abide by the arbitrators award, so they went off and took their ball home with them.

I'm sure both sides have discussed the uSAPa incident, and they (both) do not want to follow in their footsteps.

I see both pilot groups reaching an equitable solution.


What are the numbers of each pilot group? I believe the Easties were able to do the USAPA thing because they had twice as many pilots. I think DAL has more than NWA, so how could the NWA guys ever have the numbers to pull that off?


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what Are The Numbers Of Each Pilot Group? I Believe The Easties Were Able To Do The Usapa Thing Because They Had Twice As Many Pilots. I Think Dal Has More Than Nwa, So How Could The Nwa Guys Ever Have The Numbers To Pull That Off?
7200+ Dal
5100+ Nwa


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DAL: 7395

The vote at USAir went almost 100% AWA and about 300ish USAir for ALPA and the rest for uSAPa.