Did you get your 2004 FAR/AIM yet?


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Anyone pick up the 2004 FAR/AIM?

What version are you using? (ie. Gleim, Jepp, ASA, homemade, hehe)
I picked up the 2004 FAR/AIM at Oshkosh this year. Gleim was offering a new flight bag size for only 12 bucks. Not a bad deal, and it's in an easy to read format with color inserts for the AIM graphics.
Check out section 6 (I think) in the new AIM, about how to be properly intercepted by fighters...kinda scary stuff to read.
Gleim was offering a new flight bag size

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Reeeeaaaalllly??? Exxxellent, Smithers!!!
I checked out Gleim's version and the size of their "flight bag" size is 7" x 9" and the 2004 is available. I've been using ASA's version and it's a tad bit smaller.... 6" x 9" but it (2004) doesn't appear to be available yet.

.....just my 2 pennies worth