Did someone say typhoon?


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So we got an unplanned layover in Honkers from the typhoon. We got their right after it passed, but the delay put us on duty too long:

General typhoon pics:

So we went to the mall:



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Your signature says no more than 15% of that was true...were you not really in Hong Kong? Is that actually a picture from another city? Did you merely find these pictures on the internet? :p

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Cool pics; how long were you there?


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I cant help but notice the lack of winglets on your aircraft, honestly... :D

Sweet pics man, thanks for sharing.


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I dont know how it is in Hong Kong, but I always found int amusing to see how typhoons in Japan really weren't that big of a deal. When you build stuff properly a typhoon becomes just wind and rain.


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Nice pics!

By the way, I carried one of your engineers out of AUS to TUS today. Really nice guy, just can't remember his name.