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Are there any regulations which would prohibit anybody with diabetes from flying either GA or for the airlines? I don't have it but there is a family history so I'm a little curious.

Diabetes requiring insulin or other such like drug disqualifies you for any medical certificate.

Currently, you can get a third class medical by special issuance if blood sugar is controlled by oral medication.
Don't know if your still looking at this thread, but as long as the Diabetes can be can controlled with oral meds you can get a 1st class medical, if you wanted. I have diabetes and have a class 2. It is controlled by the meds, so I got it through special issuance. It wasn't too hard.
if yu are still seeing this thread...

There are a lot of medicines other than insulin for diabetes..

Some diabetes requires only some diet and excercises..
Again i was told that some pilots who are diabetic take other medications like homeo & ayurveda to bring down the sugar. So no need for insulin.. i dont know wheter its so popular in US but u can always fly to india/singapore for a small course
I am not diabetic to my knowledge but fear I may be from too much damn cola on days off doing nothing. I do not rely on insulent or any other medicines due to this and so far in my life have been no way restricted by this but I am still a few years away from applying to become a pilot and was wondering if I still can, I am in the UK, under the CAA which I am guessing is no different, or very little difference in medical control of pilots than the FAA. Also, my eyesight is slighty off perfect. I need glasses for distance, I am shortsighted but the lens is only plastic and not, bit like a magnifying one if that makes sense, and I believe I can pass the vision part of the medical fine, but say I suffered from diabetes and had my vision, would I be at a disadvantage in getting a job or do I stand the same chance as any other guy with my same qualifications but different health state?

New by the way, or have you guessed that already?

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You may be at a disadvantage for using the word COLA....Just kidding!! I think you'd be at a disadvantage if you were a blind, diabetic. Yes.